Philosophies of Exercise

Philosophies of exercise approach the goal of optimal health and performance from many different angles.  including martial arts, and modern philosophies such as Pilates.


With regards to martial arts, control is the hallmark.  It encompasses up both fitness and self-defense balance and control.  Many other philosophies such as tae bo emphasize both strengthening and aerobics.


With regards to all exercise technique, philosophies, good techniques are paramount to avoid injuries.  It is a good idea to vary exercise routines and not do the same repetitive motions.  Proper alignment is also central for strength and efficiency of movement as well as prevention of injury.  Centering is important as a strong base is where the energy for work and sports activities emanates.  Because of our modern, sedentary, society, postural training is becoming very important as well.  Is not uncommon to develop a flexed, tight posture. Range of motion stretching and postural training are important to decrease pain and improve overall balance and function.


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