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5 Exercise Myths to Stop Believing Today

#1.  We must eat a low-fat diet.

Healthy fats containing high ratio of omega-3 fatty acids nuts and olive oil’s are actually very good for you.  Fats overall or more calorie dense than carbohydrates containing 9 cal per gram versus 4 cal per gram for carbohydrates.  The difference however is that simple carbohydrates trigger fat storage in your body.  They further lead to a host of other bad health effects.


#2.  We should do prolonged treadmill work for weight loss.


Long periods of treadmill work may improve overall strength and endurance.  But if the goal is weight loss and improved performance, you should do brief intense interval workouts


#3 I should keep doing heavy weightlifting activities to build strength.

Crosstraining and varying of your workup however is much more important.  This lead to better balance performance and overall body strength.  Further it will decreased wear and tear on specific joints of your body.

#4.  All people should sleep on a firm mattress.

In general, a firmer back mattress is better for low back.  If yourr primary problem however is hip or shoulder pain or if you are a slide sleeper, a firm mattress will make this pain worse.  You need to balance both considerations.  The best option may be a firm mattress with a pillow top or foam overlay.


#5 I should worry excessively about my body mass index.

In general, a body mass index over 30 is classified as obesity. For athletic, muscular people, this is an erroneous number.  It is simply the relationship between  a persons height and weight.  If you carry a lot of muscle, you will have a high body mass index but may be very fit and healthy.


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