6 Ways to sneak exercise into your busy daily schedule

1-Elevator or stairs? The choice is yours.  When going up one flight or down two, always take the stairs.  You’ll accumulate strength, balance and aerobic benefits.

2- Simultaneously add low level exercise to office work.  Examples include treadmill desks where you can walks slowly while doing tasks such as reading and answering emails.  Consider walking around the office or home talking to someone on the phone as opposed to sitting still.

3-Do gentle stretches before arising from her desk chair.  This will benefit range of motion, and potentially decrease pain and improved function.

4-Pay attention to the quality of the lifting you do, even with light activities such as lifting a book at work or gallon of milk at home.

5-You can strengthen your neck muscles by doing gentle isometrics for 10-15 seconds 2-3 times a day at your desk.  Do this by pushing your forehead against your hand resisting forward motion and placing your hand on the side of your head  resisting rotational motion.

6-There is no more accessible form of exercise than simply walking outside.  Park your car just a little bit further from your office  and add steps to your day.

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