Five ways to hack your exercise routine

All of us have been faced with less than 45 minutes to get in our exercise routine. Maybe it’s your lunch hour or you have. Brief window of time after work.  Either way, you want to work out and you’re going to have to compress it into your window of time.

1- Ditch the low intensity prolonged aerobic workouts. Many of them are worse than doing nothing at all. If you find yourself walking for a long period of time holding onto the railing of a treadmill at a slow speed, make a plan to get outside walk and enjoy the additional balance effects you will receive.

2- Dorapid multiple circuit exercises working multiple muscles to the max quickly with short rest break.

3- do a 15 second sprint on your aerobic exercise machine of choice each minute  interspersed with 45 seconds of less intensity for 10 minutes.

4- Do body weight  exercises such as planks and Burpee‘s at a high-intensity rate for five minutes.

5- Do  high karate or tae bo kicks for two minutes. Take a cold shower and then get back to work!



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