Why do we exercise?


The simple answer is “performance”.  We all want to perform at our best in athletic endeavors.  We may want to be able to run fastest or hit the ball for farthest or be able to still run up and down the basketball court and fourth quarter. Or we may want to produce the greatest amount of power.  To do this, we need to create the  greatest amount of force over longest distance, in the  least amount of time.  Focused exercise can address all these aspects of power


If we have an office job, we may simply want to have a long and healthy career.  If we exercise will be able to stay healthy and decrease our chance of illness or injuries that may decrease  job performance as well as our ability to go to work every day.


If we have a heavy physical demand level of work, exercise will make us able to more safely do the lifting and work activities that we need to do. Exercise will help protect our joints, our backs, as well as as our hearts and allow us to have long and healthy careers.


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