Four weeks ago, I was involved in a high-speed crash. A lady failed to yield and turned left in front of me and I struck her at a approximately 60 miles an hour. I went from 60 to 0 in approximate 2 feet. I was taken to the nearby trauma center. Stubbornly, I laid there and said you know what I think I feel fine.

The next day it really hit me however. I began to have severe pain in my neck,chest, and mid back region. After attempting to treat it by myself and return to my normal exercise routine and only making matters worse, I decided to go to my doctor. She gave me a prescription for physical therapy.

The physical therapist emphasized stretching. This is such a simple but essential part of our exercise routine we so commonly neglect. After only several days of doing neck and upper back stretches I felt markedly better.

I tell my patients all the time that “motion is the lotion”. In order to increase our chances of optimal, pain-free motion, we should do stretching every day.


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