Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Today I tweeted out a brief interview with a doctor talking to Dr. Oz about the value of omega 3 fatty acids. These powerful fatty acids are found in many foods such as flaxseeds, salmon, tuna as well as almonds.

They cause positive health benefits in a multitude of ways. They can improve heart and joint health, improve the condition appearance of your skin and even help to improve and preserve memory and cognition. Most of the positive things they do are a result of their strong anti-inflammatory effects in our systems

Unfortunately, it has become more difficult to find the right balance of omega 3 fatty acids Along with a decreased nutrient content in our food over the past generation, there’s been a significant reduction in the beneficial ratio of omega 3 to mega 6 fatty acids. To help combat this, try eating some almonds every day or add flaxseed to your soups drinks, or smoothies. Also, if you can afford it, always reach for the free range chicken, eggs, and salmon as their omega 3 fatty acid content is significantly better as well.


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