Enter the blue zones

There is a fascinating book by author Dan Buettner called The Blue Zones. He went around the world and observed lifestyle and environmental factors that enabled people to live significantly longer in “blue zones” around the world.

He came up with nine key lessons.

1. Move naturally.

This doesn’t just mean gym activities. Rather move around your house work and yard when doing your daily activities.

2. Know your purpose.

Find your passion and reason for waking up in the morning.

3. Kick back.

Find ways to downshift and release stress in ways such as prayer or meditation.

4. Eat less.

Follow the 80% rule. Stop when you feel 80% full and eat more slowly and allow your satiety center in your brain to let you know that you’ve had enough

5. Eat less meat. Have a plant slant to your diet

6. Drink in moderation. It’s OK to have a glass of wine at five.Two or less for men and one or less per day for women

7. Have faith. Denomination doesn’t matter but attending faith based services four times a month does

8. Power of love.

Put family first. Commit to your partner and keep friends nd family close

9. Stay social.

Remain part of the right tribe

City and Community leaders need to take these recommendations to heart and work to create communities that allow its citizens to more easily follow these recommendations.


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