The importance of microbes.

I just posted an interesting article from BBC news entitled “Five Things You Might be Surprised Affect Weight”. In it they address the importance of microbes in our gut and the multitude of ways in which they impact out weight and our health.

Have you ever wondered why two people from the same family seem to eat approximately the same number of daily calories and one of them is significantly heavier? The answer may lie in the microbes that live deep in our gut. Every time you eat anything, you’re feeding hundreds of trillions of microbes. It is important that we have a very diverse range of microbes. The number one factor that affects the diversity of the microbes in our gut is fiber. It is very difficult in the American diet to eat as much fiber as recommended. Fiber is found in whole-grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. You could also take extra fiber supplements through medication such as Metamucil or Benafiber. High-fiber diet supports the biodiversity in our guts and contribute to healthy microbe balance. With the hundreds of trillions of by microbes in our gut, we are truly more them then we are us!

It is important that we continue to exercise and keep moving. Also try to shift your eating more towards early in the day and consume your smallest meal in the evening. New science however reinforces the fact that we should eat a high-fiber diet with lots of fruits and vegetables for trillions of reasons.


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