Five ways to read between the lines when it comes to food labels.

1. Watch out for terms such as “all natural” or “organic”. There are many naturally occurring seven says that are bad for you are even deadly. Heck, arsenic is naturally occurring. Some manipulation of food products, including better sanitation, have been actually good for us.

2. “Gluten-free” may not be best for you. Gluten is found in wheat and rye and some people have a severe sensitivity to it or even gluten enteropathy. If you’re cutting gluten from her diet unnecessarily however you may be missing out on the beneficial effects of multi grains, particularly fiber

3. “Fat free” me in fact be fattening. When fat is taken out of foods, other unhealthy substances are frequently added such as artificial ingredients chemical compounds and sugar fillers. These may trigger an insulin response which ironically causes your body to store fat.

4. “Sugar free” is also not healthy. Substitutes such as NutraSweet or saccharine should be avoided They have never been shown to lead to weight loss and have many potential side effects. Ideally, choose low sugar foods or a healthy sugar substitute such as Stevia

5. “Vitamin fortified” may be a smokescreen to distract you from the fact that the cereal you are eating is loaded with sugar and may have minimal fiber. A more healthy option is a multi grain high-fiber cereal that has some protein and is very low in sugar


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