Health and Fitness

How to sneak exercise into your every day life.

If you move through life in an energetic way, it will affect how you look as well as how you feel. You can preserve and enable movement late into life if he move consistently and correctly today.

How you move throughout your day will affect your health and appearance, as well as your physical performance. If you maintain good posture when you walk, you’ll become a person with good posture. If you use good body mechanics and proper left techniques, you will have less pain and be a stronger, more balanced, flexible person.

Throughout our day we have multiple choices to make. Elevator or stairs? Park near or far? These multiple small choices have a profound impact on our lives. Where you park your car determines how much more you walk in a day. What and how you lift will strengthen specific muscles of your body. The cumulative affects of all these decisions contribute to our well-being.

Unfortunately, technology has made our lives easier but it has decreased the need for physical exertion. Watching TV and using a TV remote will actually burn fewer calories than city sitting quietly in a chair in silence.

To combat this, add simultaneous physical activity while doing work or leisure activities. Simple things like walking around while talking on the phone as opposed to sitting down can make a huge difference. You may park a little farther away from work and add extra steps to your day. You could stop to do intermittent stretching while at work or even use a slow treadmill desk.

As good as exercises may be, it does not matter if they cannot be easily and conveniently performed. Simple activities done while doing leisure or work activities will have a significant cumulative affect on strength flexibility health and well-being.


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