Health and Fitness

Invest in Your Health

When investing money, financial advisors tell you to start as early as possible. Time is the greatest factor in your favor when you’re young. If you begin to invest for your retirement at a young age you have many years to watch your money grow.

When investing money, financial advisors will tell you that you should always pay yourself first. The same philosophy applies to caring for yourself. You must take care of yourself in order to be able to serve others. You must make caring for yourself a priority.

Consistent exercise performed during good times and bad, highs and lows, is synonymous with dollar cost averaging. Your health benefits will grow and accumulate over time. Dividends such as improved mood, overall health, energy, and efficiency will be paid back to you throughout your life.

It is tempting to want to postpone exercise to points in your day or even your life when you feel you may have more time. In our busy lives, however, this time may never come. If you wait until you feel like you have extra time to invest in your health, or extra money to invest in retirement, it may never materialize. You must pay yourself the time or money off the top. Just consider it the cost of doing business!

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