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Delicious and Creative Ways to Cut Those Carbs

Today I read a great article by Samantha Cassetty RD titled “Want to cut carbs and calories? Try these genius cauliflower recipes”. It reinforced in my mind the point I make to my patients frequently that to eat healthy, you don’t really have to be hungry. There are a lot of low calorie, delicious options

In the article, they mentioned a delicious option. It is a vegetable that you probably hadn’t thought of. Using cauliflower can supply fiber, vitamin C and is laden with vitamin K, while being a much healthier low calorie option. There are many recipes that show how you can use cauliflower in everything from pizza to smoothies or soups.

Another option is to use squash as a substitute for pasta. As an added benefit, it adds more carotenes and flavor. The best thing about it from a health perspective however, is that it contains a great deal more fiber. Fiber makes our food more bulky makes us feel more full and satisfied while adding less calories.

Carbohydrates however aren’t all bad. As with all things, moderation is the rule. In general if you’re going to eat carbohydrates, substitute processed with a complex carbohydrate option whenever possible.

In order to feel full after you’ve had your allotted portion of carbohydrates, add more high fiber vegetable options. The possibilities with these are endless and once eating them because your habit, you should never feel hungry


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