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Functional and Osteopathic Medicine

It seems like everywhere I look, I’m hearing more and more about functional medicine. Today, I tweeted an article by Seka Palikuca which asks the question, Why do some Osteopathic Physicians gravitate towards functional medicine, and what is it?

I was flipping through the channels on the television as well and came across an infomercial by Dr. Mark Hyman who is one of the pioneers in the field of functional medicine. He is able to breakdown functional medicine very simple terms. Functional Medicine basically looks at the causes of multiple disease processes.

Although the solutions are relatively simple, the ramifications our profound. Basically, we simply need to eat food. Not Franken foods. Not anything produced in a laboratory. Read the food labels, and if there a chemical names listed that you don’t know what they are, don’t eat them. Many of these added ingredients make food hyper palpable. Dr. Hyman made a comment that “you would never eat a whole bag of avocados. Why then, do we need a whole bag of potato chips or cheese puffs”?

There are many similarities between functional medicine and osteopathic medicine. It views the body has an integrated system, much as osteopathic medicine does. It stresses the importance of structure and function and importance of good nutrition for the health of our bodies. It makes a lot of sense to me!

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