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Yoga For a Busy Life

This past week I attended the AOA LEAD conference in Las Vegas. As part of the program, yoga instruction was offered twice a day. It was the first time I’ve ever done yoga, and I think I’m hooked.

My first yoga experience began with me entering the outdoor yoga class only to find that I was to be the only student for this particular lunchtime class. The yoga instructor was an older gentleman who ironically was also an ex long-distance runner. He also worked as a plumber. He was the ideal instructor.

Basically yoga teaches techniques of controlling the body and mind. It encourages an expansion of of consciousness to allow better flow, balance and union.

In practice, there are many physical and psychological benefits of practicing yoga. These include better posture, improved extension, balance, strength and flexibility. For those of us who spend many hours sitting at our jobs, 15 minutes A day of yoga would provide incredible benefits.

I would encourage you to research some basic poses that can improve strength and flexibility. These include the downward dog, the cat/cow and the cobra. Basically these have you get into a hip flexed posture with your butt up towards the ceiling with your hands and feet on the floor. The downward dog has you stretch arms in front of you and extend your hips as high as you can up into the air. The cobra enables you to effectively stretch your neck and back..

Many basic yoga tapes are available online. As we get older it’s important for us to add stretching, flexibility, and balance to our strengthening routines. Yoga is an ideal solution.


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