Health and Fitness

Bleacher Back

“I have bleacher back”. This is what one of my patients told me the other day was the reason why she had back surgery. Although I never called this condition by this name in the past, I definitely can relate to what she was saying.

The problem with sitting on the bleacher is that there is no back support. Fans typically sit for significant periods of time with poor posture. If you’re going to a few games a week, this can really add up.

In order to prevent it, you should stay strong and flexible, doing regular exercises including core strengthening. You should also stand up and reach up in the air and extend your spine several times throughout the game. The constant flexion on our low backs with a stooped posture places a great deal of pressure on the disks and nerves of our low back.

Many stadium seats are available as well which will provide cushion and support. Many soft ones also force you to activate your core and balance yourself which will lead to additional pain prevention.


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