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Social Media and Medicine

This past week at the Ohio Osteopathic symposium Columbus, Mikhail “Dr. Mike” Varshavski gave a keynote address about social media and medicine. What a great conference and what a great lecture!

Dr. Mike is in osteopathic family physician who emphasizes the importance of preventative medicine, lifestyle modifications and patient empowerment. He is a regular contributor on national television shows and online publications. He’s become a leader within the field of digital healthcare and the relationship between social media and medicine. He is the most followed Doctor on social media with a combine 6 million followers on Instagram Facebook and YouTube.

Although many in the health professions may criticize social media, it’s not going away. We may want to say it is the root of all evil and is contributing to the poor health of society but what we really need to do is flip the script.We need to use social media in a professional way and meet our patients where they are at.

Dr. Mike made an interesting comment that we need to “lean in” to the situation. For us this means harness our Osteopathic medical knowledge and our ability to be leaders in our communities and use this power for good. This can mean improving the health of our patients and communities. “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

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