Health and Fitness

City Walking, Just for the Health of it

I just returned home this week visiting my son in Madrid Spain. What a beautiful city. I was struck by how easy it was to walk through out the city and by all the bustling energy I felt from all the residents and tourists walking to work, restaurants, shops and museums. You get to really see the city in great detail when you’re walking. With traffic and congestion, it was often just as efficient as trying to drive or taking a taxi.

My son is spending spring semester and MAdrid. He stated he was struck by the fact that they were very few obese residents in the city. It’s definitely not because of a lack of delicious, high-quality food. It’s because the residents of the city tended to walk throughout the day.

Simply put, walking is healthy. It is an effortless way to add more movement and exercise to your day. Of all the different exercise programs, walking is the best and simplest method.

Walking is also better for the environment and better for cities. It eliminates the burning of fossil fuels and the associated smog that is produced by all the cars, buses, and taxis. Cities that encourage walking are nicer places to be. Increased walking then attracts interesting restaurants, cafés, museums and shops that improve the quality of life within our cities.

Cities were meant to bring people together. What better way than for all of us to walk around?


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