Health and Fitness

Exercise Intensity

Some of us in our haste to get as much benefit as possible, may push ourselves too hard at the gym or with our workouts. you don’t need to feel completely exhausted and broken down and pushed to the extreme, to receive benefits from exercise. By far the most important factor, is that we remain consistent with our workouts.

It’s important that we listen to our bodies and that exercise is enjoyable and makes us feel good. If you are pushing yourself to exhaustion and leaving with a headache, you have probably pushed yourself too hard. Appropriate exercise

produces energy. It will give you an endorphin boost and will make you feel better. If you’re pushing your body too hard and “red-lining” it, you need to back off and stay within a reasonable, sustainable exertion level.

The Borg rating of perceived exertion is a scale that we use to measure physical activity intensity level. Perceived exertion is how hard you feel like your body is working. It is a scale from 6 to 20 starting with no exertion at all up to 20 of maximal exertion. 13 is rated as “somewhat hard”. At this level, it feels OK to continue. 17 is “very hard” it’s very strenuous, and you really have to push yourself to maintain this level. If you’re rating your exertion at a 17, you should only briefly remain at this level.

For aerobic exercise, you need to remember your safe maximum heart rates. The formula is 220 minus your age. To maintain aerobic level, multiply by .7-.85. If you find yourself maintaining a heart rate over this level, you should slightly decrease the intensity of your aerobic exercise.


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