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Vaping and Your Health

Over the past few years, vaping was marketed as a way to quit smoking. We have learned, however, that that is a bad idea. If you started vaping to quit smoking you may be asking now what?

Multiple media outlets are currently reporting mysteriously vaping related illnesses. The CDC is accurately documenting them and asking people to report cases. Currently there’s been more than 1000 cases of vaping related lung injury and at least 18 deaths.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly what the mechanism is for this mysterious illness. It has become far too easy over the past several years to Vape with a variety of legal and illegal substances that are produced throughout the world. Their is some significant evidence to suggest that illegal cannabis and THC containing Vape’s are large part of the issue.

It has become clear that rather than being an effective smoking cessation mechanism, it is actually become a way to introduce young people to addictive nicotine. Vaping has never been advocated as a means to quit smoking.

If you’re forced to choose only between resuming smoking or continuing vaping of legal substances, Vape being is probably less harmful. It does not contain many of the other carcinogens such as tar as well as carbon monoxide.

Obviously the safest and healthiest thing to do is to neither smoke nor use e-cigarette’s. Stop using the e-cigarettes and do not go back to smoking. Treat your body with care and only ingest things that help you function at your highest level and keep you healthy.


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