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Food Democracy

The democratization of food is a concept in which the power of food production and distribution is put back into the hands of the people. A group called Food Democracy Now! has a stated aim to build a sustainable food system that protects our natural environment, sustains farmers, and nourishes families. If we care about the future nutritional health of our children, these are concepts we all need to pay attention to.

Because industrialized food production has created so many conflicts of interest, we as a people need to take back control of what we eat. Often, the same company is producing the seeds and doing the growing that is also producing the pesticides or vegetation killers. Clearly they are not looking out for the nutritional value of what is in our cupboards. We all have the right to safe nutritious food that has been justly produced in a sustainable way. Our current system is producing a nation of obese, malnourished people. Further, this is adversely affecting the health of our children and many diseases that we saw only in adults such as type two diabetes are now affecting a significant portion of children.

So what do we do? It is easy to get discouraged. All of us,however can make a difference. Plant a garden. If you do, you will be able to pick vegetables and deliver them directly to your table without loss of nutrient value. When you’re at the grocery store, don’t buy prof processed foods. Buy only whole foods in their natural form as much as possible. Look for organic grass fed meats and free range chickens and eggs. If we all just make a couple changes, it would make a huge difference. You gotta believe!


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