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The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill is a 2017 documentary that advocates the Paleo way of eating and living. The philosophy behind the Paleo diet reflects a common theme in many healthy diets. Basically, our bodies have not evolved to eat the highly processed food which has become the mainstay of the American diet. Our Paleolithic ancestors from 10,000 years ago ate a diet of lean meat, healthy fats, and a large amount of fresh vegetables. Much of the chronic disease in our current population can be traced back to our unhealthy processed food diets. We basically have become a seventy year science experience of the industrial food producers.

The basic points of the magic pill paleo diet are that we should eat whole foods and when possible choose organic. Food presented in it’s more natural state is more complex and nutrient rich. It further decreases the risk of exposure to chemicals and pesticides. Work to eliminate processed foods as much as possible. Extracting individual components from a food and then attempting to reinsert vitamins does not make them healthy foods.

The Paleo diet attempts to eliminate grains and legumes. I say instead eat complex grains and the fiber from the legumes can be very healthy. We further should embrace healthy fats. If you’re having dairy choose a full fat option because it has more of the healthy fatty acids in it and does not have the processed fillers re-inserted.

Select meets from pasture raised animals as grass fed pasture raised cows will have much more healthy fats and lean meats than factory raised. Further, when it comes to seafood, choose wild caught, sustainable seafood. What the animal eats translates to what we ultimately eat.

More ethical meat consumption is “nose to tail”, the whole animal. Eat high fiber and fermented foods and fast intermittently. I’ve written about fasting previously but in general only eat when the sun is up. And don’t eat when you’re doing other activities like watching TV. You can’t exercise yourself out of an unhealthy diet. The fuel you consume really matters


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