Health and Fitness

Mindful Eating

With Thanksgiving and the holidays approaching, it’s time to pause and consider “mindful eating “. “Mindful eating” will lead to greater awareness of how and why you eat. This improved awareness will reduce “mindless eating”.

Pay close attention to what you eat, why you eat, where you eat, how fast you eat, and how it makes your body feel.

It’s OK to make an exception at a large holiday meal a couple times a year and really over indulge in delicious comfort foods. Even then however, slow down and focus on the foods taste, smell and texture, and really enjoy the experience. Avoid simply gorging yourself and consciously notice the complex taste, textures and appreciate the work that went into preparing it.

In our busy, mobile lives, it is easy to simply eat all the time and to also eat while we are doing other things. Slow down and tune in to the eating experience and be fully present. Slow down and allow your stomach time to let your brain know that you are full. This may take at least 20 minutes. If you eat too quickly you may be overfull before you realize it.


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