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Resveratrol is a compound that is receiving a lot of attention lately. It is a major factor people point to when discussing the health benefits of drinking red wine. It is a compound that occurs naturally in certain foods but it is also available as a supplement to take over the counter. It is present in the skins of grapes and red wine. You can also find it in grape juice, colorful berries, cocoa, and peanuts.

Studies point to a multitude of health benefits including the possibility of lowering the risk of dementia and heart disease. With regards to dementia, it has been noted to decrease the amount of beta amyloid protein in the brains of mice. This protein forms the plaques that are a characteristic finding in Alzheimer’s disease.

Resveratrol acts like an anti-oxidant and may protect the body against damage, and therefore has multiple potential benefits. It has been touted as an anti-aging or disease fighting agent. It can help cardiovascular heart disease by decreasing inflammation and lowering LDL. It also may help prevent insulin resistance.

I wrote years ago “Don’t eat anything white”. It’s obviously a gross oversimplification. But if you follow this rule and choose the most colorful berries, fruits, and vegetables in the produce aisle of your grocery store, as well as in the wine section!, you’ll naturally consume more resveratrol and receive a multitude of benefits.

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