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Celery: A Super Food!


I’ve always known that celery was good for me. Because my wife was graciously cutting it up and making it always available, she really tuned me into benefits that I could’ve never imagined.

People love to talk about super foods that can decrease pain and inflammation and have great health benefits. Celery may well be the most super of all of them.

Celery can be an important component to for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Although it may not be true that it provides “negative calories“, the amount of calories it does provide is minuscule. One stock of celery contains only about 10 cal. It does take more calories to digest then low fiber foods.

I have spoken many times about the benefits of eating fiber. Celery contains approximately 16 g per cup. This helps your body absorb water in the digestive tract, making you feel fuller longer. It further promotes healthy bowel movements and decreases transit time through your gastrointestinal tract.

Celery also can help stop the growth of unwanted gut bacteria that causes inflammation. This may lead to healthier gut flora which has wide ranging affects on your health. The flavonoids in celery may decrease inflammation even further and are even associated with decreased cancer risk.

Who knew that celery was such a superfood.


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