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Working out at Home

This past month, my daughter enlightened me to the fact that you can get a great workout at home by rotating through different stations. She set up five separate stations in our basement that we rotate through every couple minutes. She may have 20 variations of similar stations. Using basic, inexpensive exercise equipment, she was able to devise a great full-body, at home workout that only took approximately 25 minutes

Due to the presence of the novel coronavirus, local gyms and YMCAs are temporarily closed. Because of this, people are working out more at home. There are many creative and relatively inexpensive ways to do this

Is important that you add both aerobic endurance exercises and anaerobic strength and resistance training. There are many easy ways to add aerobic exercises. These include a jump rope or simple front and side kicks. Another simple, inexpensive piece of equipment would be a stepper. You can increase the height and speed to give yourself a high intensity brief workout.

Strength training with inexpensive dumbbells or resistance bands allow you to work multiple muscle groups throughout multiple different angles.

Large Thera balls are great for working your core and strengthening your abdominals. You can add simultaneous dumbbell work to increase the efficiency.

Use your carpet and floor or a good cushioned exercise mat to work your core with planks or improve your strength and flexibility with down dog yoga poses.

You can maintain the strength and fitness that you’ve built up if you stay creative and keep moving. Mix different activities so you don’t get get bored or injure yourself. When the lock down is released and the social isolation is lifted, we can return to the gyms feeling ready to get back to work.

Stay fit and healthy!


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