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5 Good Health Habits

Here in Ohio, Governor Dewine and Dr. Acton have done a great job guiding the containment of the COVID-19, coronavirus outbreak. Recently, they have begun to talk about a plan to re-open the state for business. There will be a phasing in of more educational and commerce activities and a decrease of our social isolation.

As this begins to occur, we should expect to see an ongoing presence of this novel coronavirus. Ohio may even have to press pause before the green light is given to completely resume our normal lives.

Although we will soon leave this pandemic behind, our world has been changed forever by this unique virus.

Below are five positive changes that I hope will arise which will help keep all of us healthier in the future.

1. All of us should wash our hands multiple times throughout the day. This is especially true if we have used the restroom or had any patient contact. It should be performed for at least 20 seconds lathering with soap and not forgetting your thumbs! If you’re unable to wash your hands, you should use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

2. Be courteous if you are sick. Try to stay away from others and if you need to sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with your elbow. Limit hospital visitations with children or during cold and flu season. Most importantly, don’t visit hospital or nursing home residents if you or your children are ill.

3. Be careful what you touch. If possible, use your knuckle or body to open doors or press buttons. If you’ve touched something in the community that is not typically cleaned, it is especially important that you do not touch your face. A common way to become sick is to inoculate yourself by touching moist tissue of your eyes or nose.

4. Reuse, recycle, and pick up your trash. A healthy environment is directly related to the health of its people. Trash and garbage can be great breeding grounds for disease.

5. Focus on what’s important. Healthcare at his core is about caring. This occurs at the bedside. Our leaders need turn the focus away from the administrators, managers, and non-care providers working in the healthcare industry and dedicate more resources for caregivers and equipment that we need to do our jobs.

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