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Fresh Air

Last week, I traveled with my three sons, my friend and his son to the boundary waters of northern Minnesota. We completed a 45 mile circular loop, paddling our canoes and portaging our gear over rocks, hills, and streams. We camped at night on primitive, waterfront campsites. It was a physically taxing trip that left me asking at the end of each day, Why do I feel so good?

Fresh air and everything that goes along with it is the number one reason. Being around the most beautiful scenery in the country, and breathing the fresh air allowed our stress to melt away. Moving freely lightened everyone’s mood.

I was awestruck by the beauty of our surroundings and how clean everything was. During the day we could see for miles and identify small details far in the distance. At night, the stars lit up the sky like a planetarium and appeared infinite. We could drink the water from the lake if we wanted to while breathing air that was anywhere from 2 to 5 times cleaner than indoor air.

The fresh air energized me. It made me more alert and aware and able to concentrate during the day and sleep better at night.

The memories I made with my sons are priceless. Everything was magnified by the beauty and freshness of our surroundings. The food even tasted better!

Get outside and breathe it in!

Stay well.


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