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Food in Healthcare Facilities Should be Healthy

If you walk into any healthcare facility, you may be surprised that the food served to our patients well as the food that is served to healthcare workers at meetings is frequently unhealthy. This food, as well as food that is brought in by family members of the patients is frequently processed and sugar laden. I know that the primary motive is providing adequate calorie and protein consumption in a caring manner; but we need to try harder. Because unfortunately, these nutrient – poor foods come with a long term health cost.

Dr. Susan Wolbert, MD wrote in Kevin that it’s time we start discussing the elephant in the room. She stated “We need to show love and appreciation in ways that promote health rather than disease, and we need to set an example in healthcare.“. I couldn’t agree more.

Chronic respiratory illness and advanced age increase the risk of poor outcomes in Covid -19. Two more top risk increasing conditions, however, are obesity and diabetes. It is more important now than ever that we improve the diet of ourselves, our family members, as well as our patients. If we wouldn’t give alcohol or tobacco to patients with alcohol or tobacco use disorders, then patients with diabetes type 2 and obesity should also not eat sweets and processed foods.

The food we provide to patients as well as the health care workers should like look like the picture above. They should be colorful, fresh and satisfying. Cookies, candy, and processed sweets may be inexpensive in the short term, but the long-term cost of regular consumption of these foods to our health are high.

Stay well!


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