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Futurist Predictions

This week I was thinking about how much in our lives and in the healthcare system has changed this year. Virtually everyone’s futuristic predictions for this year or even the next five years have either been accelerated or up-ended.

I came across an interesting article however in which the year 2020 was in titled “The Year of Resiliency.” Author Nicolas Badminton wrote that he would be tracking five trends. As expected, virtually all of them have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Number one was that Global warming would get real and drive resilient design. With the current fires in California and hurricanes in the gulf, it is more urgent than ever.He further wrote about attempts to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

The most accurate prediction was the acceleration towards a “trillion sensor society“. By 2025 nearly 26,000,000,000 Internet of thing devices are expect to be connected globally. Business revelations and revolutions encourage more working from home and more independent, “side hustle”, working.

As we move towards A more vertically integrated healthcare system and a workspace where lines are blurred between our home and work environment, empathetic communication and interactions will need to be taught and remembered.

No one knows what our new normal will look like for sure. One things for sure, our society has great resiliency. We will get through this and get back to work stronger and healthier than ever.

Stay well!


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