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Opportunities for the New Year

As I return to my office today, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year! Cheers to the end of a tough year and the beginning of a new one filled with great promise.

The year 2020 was filled with great challenges. To grow from them, we should change the focus to how to transform challenges into opportunities. It begins with the act of being truly present, being still, open, and ready to move on and move forward.

To realize our opportunities, however, we have to set goals. Tie them to your dreams and then choose habits that will help you develop and serve your goals. Hold yourself accountable and take action on the plan that you have created.The most important and hardest part of any plan is starting it. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. You can improve and modify it as you go.

Start by reflecting on what we all endured in the year 2020. Give yourself credit for getting through some tough times. Going forward, I encourage you to make a commitment to taking good care of yourself. Get enough sleep. Eat whole foods. Exercise at least three times a week, mixing in strengthening, aerobic exercises and stretching.

And if we have if we have learned anything from the year 2020, please pay attention to your mental health. Maintain your social networks. Take time to care for yourself and others. Strengthen your spirituality with prayer or meditation. Do what it takes to keep yourself physically and emotionally strong.

Stay well!


1 thought on “Opportunities for the New Year”

  1. God bless you Paul. You are a wonderful role model. Hopefully we can do some of the things you suggest. We always have good intentions. We will do our best.


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