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Live Your Own Life

This past week I dropped my daughter off at college for the second time. She’s chosen to go back to school to earn a second-degree and become a high school science teacher. I couldn’t be more proud.

I have to admit, it was no easier the second time around. She had moved back home for a year and a half after college, and we got used to having around. I’m going to miss seeing her every day. As a dad, I worry that she’s staying safe, eating right, and taking good care of herself.

To my dear daughter I say “I remember you well as a toddler. You became fiercely independent at such a young age; But you were also so sweet and loving. You would hold onto my neck as we swam and give me kisses on my cheek… Priceless

Before I knew it, you were growing up with a great group of friends and doing great things at school and in sports. You truly excelled in a small Catholic school environment.

You’re off now to big school in the big city. My wish for you is that you let the great success is that you had propel you. Let your voice be heard and let your light shine. You have so much to give to your students and the world You’re a smart and talented young lady with a heart of gold.

Steve Jobs once famously said in a commencement advice “Live your own life“. If you do that, you’ll have a great life!

Stay well and do well!

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