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Five Reasons to Ride Your Bike

1. Biking may not cure diseases alone, but it will make our bodies healthier. It improves our cardiovascular fitness, lowers blood pressure, and increases strength, balance and coordination.

2. Bicycling won’t solve climate change alone, but if adopted en masse, it can make our communities healthier. The transportation sector accounts for nearly 30% of all US greenhouse gas emissions, with cars and trucks delivering nearly 1/5 of these emissions. Together we can make a difference.

3. Biking can make our roads safer. As we all bike more, it will become safer. Drivers’ behavior changes to adapt to more bicyclists on the road. Further, communities adjust their city planning to accommodate more bicyclists, creating a virtuous cycle.

4. Biking will improve your happiness and your cognitive function. Your daily commute may reduce your stress and anxiety and improve sleep. It is well-known that moderate exercise can improve attention and memory and slow cognitive decline.

5. Biking can help you lose weight and maintain and ideal body weight. A one hour daily cycle ride at a moderate pace or 15 mph will burn 465 cal. Multiply that times five days a week equals 2325 calories! That’s more than a pound per week.

Currently, the Trek bicycle company is promoting the #GoByBike movement. They are asking that you choose your bike for one or more trips each week and tag a photo of your bike with #GoByBike for the health of our people and planet. “Collective action makes a world of difference, and what you do today matters for tomorrow.“ Both for you and for the planet.

Stay well!


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