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Be a Vegephile!

Earthly Delights Farm has a motto “Grow Your Own!” It’s a great motto. They sell veggie boxes they can easily fit 10 different vegetable varieties in a 4 x 4 box. What a great way to have nutrient rich, delicious vegetables at your finger tips!

These past couple weeks have been great for us gardeners in Northeast Ohio. With a combination of hot weather and a great deal of rain, I feel I can literally watch my vegetables grow. Non-gardeners will joke to me that “You know you can buy those things at the grocery store.“ They just don’t get it. Homegrown, organic vegetables are much better for you. Further, nothing replaces the satisfaction you get from hoeing your garden, planting it, watching it grow, picking it and then getting to enjoy the healthy taste.

Because of the many different broad classifications of diet habits, people get confused what is the most healthy. Should I be a carnivore like the Atkins diet? How about vegetarian or even take it to the extreme and be vegan? none of these diets provide all the answers. Even if you are a vegan, you may well be eating a very unhealthy diet if you eat a great deal of sugar or processed carbohydrates.

The healthiest, and lucky for all of us, the most delicious and satisfying, is a vegephile, or a vegetable loving diet. You can still enjoy meat or fish in moderation. Try hard though to only eat grass fed beef, free range chicken and fish in moderation. These high omega-3 proteins will provide a delicious addition to your vegetable diet.

Flip your plate and make the vegetable be the main dish. Fill your plate with dark leafy green vegetables and multicolored raw or only briefly braised type vegetables. Use your protein only for some added flavor to your vegephile diet. A good rule of thumb is try to eat at least 7 to 10 different vegetables a day. The darker or more densely colored the better!

Stay well!


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