Health and Fitness

Use Your Gifts

Gifts may mean many things. from the Longman dictionary of contemporary English, a “gift” is defined as something good you receive or something good that happens to you, even though you might not deserve it. It could be something simple such as a toy car or even a seashell. They are a powerful way to show thoughtfulness, love and affection.

Another way to look at a gift however is talents that have been bestowed upon us or a calling in our life. As I’ve got an older, I’ve tried to examine how I can use whatever gifts I’ve received to serve others. We have all received talents that we can use to serve others and not just for our own benefit.

Ariel Guzman wrote that to use your gifts most effectively, you need to 1. Consider what you’re good at. Truthfully consider what gifts and talents you’ve been given. 2. Think about what you enjoy and become involved in causes you feel passionate about. 3. Ask those close to you. Ask family or close friends to help provide some insight into your talents. 4. Learn about needs in your community. Explore causes you care about and see what needs they may have for volunteers. 5. Find a fit. Once you’ve identified your talents and gifts and the needs within the community, find a fit between you and the cause you care about.

Stay well!

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