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This past weekend, it was discussed how red is the appropriate color for Palm Sunday and the celebration of the passion of Christ. It got me thinking how red can be such a beautiful color. It can bring really bring out the beauty in another person, It can enrich your home on the walls of your dining room and is a classic color for your car.

But the most important colors right now may be blue and yellow. I wear them on my coat every day at work to remember the people of Ukraine. Although I feel helpless, I’ll stand in support, kneel in prayer and continue to send a little bit of money. Hopefully, Putin will soon realize the folly of his ways and stop this senseless fight.

On a different but interesting note, I came across a fascinating podcast on Freakonomics radio. The host explained better than I ever could, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. I have heard so many factually incorrect comments from otherwise intelligent people about the COVID-19 vaccine. People have said things like, “ It may mess with your DNA or they are implanting a chip in you. These statements are simply false.

The technology used in the mRNA vaccine was first developed in the 1970s. The COVID-19 pandemic simply created an urgent need for its adoption. This resulted in the merging of science and medical need with the help of unprecedented resources, to quickly bring this vaccine to market.

In simple terms, this vaccine is able to get the host body to replicate one of the attachment proteins from the virus. This results in an immune response or a “memory” that provides significant protection against serious infection with the virus.

This is exciting technology that may have significant future uses to fight many different diseases.

Stay well!


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