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Drink More Water!

One of the most ingenious water related devices I have ever seen may be the instant hot water faucet in your kitchen sink. When you’re a great cook, this is great to have!

Second to this may be filters that are attached to the faucet to enable fresh, always available, satisfying cold water to drink. Grab a large stainless steel water bottle and fill it up multiple times throughout the day!

Today. I read an interesting article about a lady who has a water bottle with 3 cups of water in it by her bedside that she drinks every morning when she first wakes up. She went on to elaborate on all of the many positive effects this has had on her health.

Many of us start the day with a large cup of strong coffee. It would probably make a lot more sense if we started our day with a large bottle of water. This would help us be more alert and energetic and start our day on the right foot. Because of the diuretic nature of caffeine in coffee, it does a little to provide our needed hydration.

Water further aids significantly in digestion. A great deal of constipation is related to the fact that most people are dehydrated. This is especially important if you are trying to increase fiber in your diet. You need to drink a large volume of water or the fiber may simply make your constipation worse.

Water is also good for your skin and soft tissues. You will notice improved elasticity and fullness of your skin if you keep yourself well hydrated.

There are many other benefits of drinking enough water such as improving your energy, preventing headaches, heart arrhythmias , kidney stones, and many more.

It may not be necessary to drink a full gallon of water a day but at least 8 to 10 glasses may be a reasonable goal. This amount should help you realize all of the benefits of good hydration.

Remember, do not use your thirst as a guide. It is an imperfect mechanism and typically will only kick in when you are way behind on your daily water consumption.

Stay well!


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