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This past week I was proud to represent the Akron Canton district in Chicago for the American Osteopathic Association House of Delegates. It was a three day meeting that brought Osteopathic physicians and interested parties together to discuss a wide range of issues and policy affecting the lives of Osteopathic physicians and our patients.

We discussed and voted on policy related to issues ranging from education to public safety.I am repeatedly amazed by the dedication and devotion of the American Osteopthic Association and its members to the health and safety of our patients.

While there, an article was published in the AOA Daily Report regarding Five Fad Diets. This is a common topic as patients seem to always be looking for new ways to lose weight and stay healthy. Proponents of fad diets however often make unreasonable claims to fast weight loss. Be careful eliminating one complete food group as it is important to eat a large variety of foods to get all the nutrients that you need.

The Adkins diet and the ketogenic diet in particular are two diets that place you at risk for not consuming all the nutrients that you need. They are only appropriate for a short term jumpstart of weight loss and are not healthy long-term diets .

Vegan days have some is appeal but it is difficult on this diet to consume enough protein. They often fail because people substitute too many simple carbohydrates to satisfy their hunger.

Two of the most healthy fad diets include the Paleo diet or the Mediterranean diet. These are vegephile diets that emphasize low glycemic fruits and vegetables, small portions of lean meats or fish, nuts and seeds and healthy oils. These are diets that you may remain on your whole life and feel satisfied and energetic.

Add a walk on your local Towpath and you’ll always look and feel great!

Stay well!

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