Health and Fitness

Lifetime Sports

As I’ve gotten older I realized how important it is to stay active with sports and games. I’ve given up contact sports as well as long-distance running but I love to participate in lifetime sports.

Activities such as walking, biking, golfing, pickle ball and swimming are just a few of the many sports that we are all able to do throughout our whole lives. Golfing has the added advantage of enabling you to spend time with someone you truly care about and may even give you a chance to make new friends!

Sports for children can truly be life-changing. It can enable them to gain confidence, stay in good health, sleep better and perform better in school. Virtually all these benefits are true for middle-aged and older adults as well. Gaining and developing new skills enables growth and fosters confidence at any age.

Bob Hopper, author of “Stick with Exercise for a Lifetime: How to Enjoy Every Minute of it!” has a great quote. He stated that “If you pursue a physical activity program with the goal of having fun, learning new skills, and improving performance, better health and fitness will come along as natural byproducts.“

It’s important to be flexible. Don’t stick with a sport you once loved if it no longer fits well into your life or is causing you pain. If your exercise program is fun and makes you feel good, it will be easy for you to stick with it.

Stay well!

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