Health and Fitness

Why Do We Exercise

I recently started to listen to the Art of Happiness podcasts with Arthur Brooks. I have to admit that I am hooked. He provides great insight into how to achieve true happiness and live a life that has more joy, satisfaction, and purpose.

Recently, he had an interesting conversation with Sal DiStefano the host of the Mind Pump podcast. He has been a trainer for approximately 15 years. The goal of his podcast is to promote accurate information about health and fitness.

He spoke of the different mindsets that people bring to their diet and exercise regimens. They present science-backed solutions that result in improved performance while emphasizing health.

Basically, the two opposing views are 1: “I hate how I look and feel and therefore I am going to beat myself up exercising and starve myself with this restrictive diet.“ or 2: “I Love myself and therefore I am going to exercise and consume healthy food so that I can lead a long and healthy life.” The second option is much either easier to maintain. When you approach diet and exercise from a negative standpoint it feels like you are punishing yourself instead of rewarding yourself.

I once told someone I care about that “I want to live forever.“ in truth, what I meant was that I want to live until I die. Finding healthy foods that you enjoy consuming and a varied exercise routine that helps you maintain strength, flexibility, and endurance will help you to stay active until late in life.

Stay well!


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