Lifestyle Medicine

We need to eat better. Move more, and manage stress.

The United States spends far more than any other nation on healthcare. The answer may be Lifestyle Medicine

Bill Mahar said maybe we don’t need more pills, just more spinach

Diets like the DASH diet, whole food and mostly plant based powerfully treat chronic diseases.

Greater than 80% of healthcare expenditure spent on chronic disease and coincidentally, greater than 80% of chronic disease can be treated by lifestyle modification


Five reasons to attend Ohio Osteopathic Association

Every year I attend the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium . Is a collaboration between Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and The Ohio Osteopathic Association. There are countless reasons to attend. Below are my top five.

1: This year’s event is titled Igniting a Movement in Primary Care . Ohio University continues to for fulfill its mission of providing the state with needed primary care physicians. The title of the symposium and our keynote speaker celebrates this fact.

2: We need to continue to Pull together. This stands for pride unity loyalty and legacy.. The stated goal is to strengthen the future of Osteopathic Medicine and lead the transformation of health care in Ohio.

3: It’s a great opportunity to learn some valuable current medical information and hear about research that will improve our practices.

4: It’s an opportunity to participate in healthcare policy through the important work of the House of Delegates.

5: Honestly, it is a lot of fun to reconnect with friends and colleagues that we may see only once a year and to celebrate great leaders of our profession.


Inherent movement

Have you ever noticed how utterly pain-free floating can be? In this setting, your body moves where it wants to go and does not experience resistance.

Compare this to the end of the day when you feel pain at the base of your neck or in your lower back. This is because all day long, you have resisted movements of your body and maintained unnatural pastors.

Instinctive, natural movement, when assisted can be used to decrease pain. Abnormal movements are the core of chronic pain. Pain complaints may be more focal initially but as pain becomes more chronic, they become more wide spread.

To begin to resolve this complex problem, we must restore more normal movements both focally and throughout your body.


One more reason to avoid processed foods

As if there’s not enough reasons already to avoid processed foods, it’s just been found that for every 10% increase in processed food intake, there is a 12% increase in overall cancer risk.

Much of the reason for this is because unhealthy, processed foods acidify our system. This leads to inflammation and adversely affects gut integrity. This then allows toxins that we inadvertently injest to more easily pass through the linings of our gastrointestinal tract and circulate throughout our system.

A whole foods diet is in effect and alkaline diet. To measure your success in consuming and alkaline diet, measure your morning pH. It should be above seven every day. If not, start a food diary and make sure that you eat little to no processed foods and minimize your red meat consumption