10,000 steps

Today I read an article on Yahoo health about a woman who walked her way to 110 pound weight loss.

It is truly remarkable when you think about it. In the past people walked so much more throughout the day and it was so much easier to achieve and maintain ideal weight.

Today, we rely on technology such as “my fitness pal” app or “map my run” to track steps as well as how much we are eating . We tend to have a arbitrary target of 10,000 steps. If we actually hit it, it is actually very good number.

People find that as they add more walking into the day, they will feel more toned, stronger and aerobically fit and the weight will slowly come off. Following this, you have the ability to participate in more strenuous activity which makes weight maintenance even easier.


Get outside!

“There’s eally no bad weather, just bad clothes”.

I heard that one quote and it really struck a chord with me.

Around this time of year everyone starts getting a little stir crazy and anxious to get outside. It’s important that all year long we get outside to receive the health benefits of sunshine and fresh air and participate in outdoor activities.

In general, when exercising, as long as you have your expose years or fingers protected, you should dress as if it is approximately 20¬į warmer to compensate for that heat that your body is producing.

There are many modifications that can be done to enable you to keep exercising in spite of bad weather. A Trail type shoe is ideal for running outside to provide extra for protection. Thin lightweight breathable fabrics will wick away moisture and will help you keep you warm but enable you to perform as if it is a warm sunny dayūüĆě



Why do we exercise?


The simple answer is “performance”.¬† We all want to perform at our best in athletic endeavors.¬† We may want to be able to run fastest or hit the ball for farthest or be able to still run up and down the basketball court and fourth quarter. Or we may want to produce the greatest amount of power.¬† To do this, we need to create the¬† greatest amount of force over longest distance, in the¬† least amount of time.¬† Focused exercise can address all these aspects of power


If we have an office job, we may simply want to have a long and healthy career.  If we exercise will be able to stay healthy and decrease our chance of illness or injuries that may decrease  job performance as well as our ability to go to work every day.


If we have a heavy physical demand level of work, exercise will make us able to more safely do the lifting and work activities that we need to do. Exercise will help protect our joints, our backs, as well as as our hearts and allow us to have long and healthy careers.


Five ways to hack your exercise routine

All of us have been faced with less than 45 minutes to get in our exercise routine. Maybe it’s your lunch hour or you have. Brief window of time after work.  Either way, you want to work out and you’re going to have to compress it into your window of time.

1- Ditch the low intensity prolonged aerobic workouts. Many of them are worse than doing nothing at all. If you find yourself walking for a long period of time holding onto the railing of a treadmill at a slow speed, make a plan to get outside walk and enjoy the additional balance effects you will receive.

2- Dorapid multiple circuit exercises working multiple muscles to the max quickly with short rest break.

3- do a 15 second sprint on your aerobic exercise machine of choice each minute  interspersed with 45 seconds of less intensity for 10 minutes.

4- Do body weight ¬†exercises such as planks and Burpee‚Äės at a high-intensity rate for five minutes.

5- Do  high karate or tae bo kicks for two minutes. Take a cold shower and then get back to work!



Why it’s good to fail

Failure is an opportunity for growth.  It challenges us to solve problems and become self- efficacious people.  It teaches self efficacy not artificially propped up self-esteem.  Further, when we  resolve small problems in less critical situations,  It gives us resiliency and a belief in our abilities to solve larger problems in the future.


We  do a great disservice to people by sheltering them from hardship and failure.  Failures and challenges in our children are chances to realize that in life things are not always fair and at times may be difficult.  This will strengthen  their resolve and belief in themselves.  If further challenges them to think creativity about solutions and alternative ways to solve problems.  When we swoop in and solve them, they lose this opportunity for growth and may end feeling much worse about themselves.