Health and Fitness

Food as Medicine

Isn’t it hard to believe that something so basic as food can in fact be powerful medicine? This week Time Magazine wrote about the use of food as medicine.

Seeing food as medicine, however, provides countless benefits. It helps us to make better decisions about what and how we eat. We can think of food as fuel for our system, as away to prevent disease by providing healthy nutrients and a way to maintain good health.

Only in rare instances should we splurge and indulge in food purely for pleasure or for comfort purposes. We need to be mindful of what we eat. It is so easy to mindlessly consume large quantities of hyper palatable junk food.

Unfortunately, it is slightly more difficult to eat healthy, natural foods all the time. They typically do not have the shelflife of highly processed foods. A simple rule of thumb, is just eat food. Don’t eat processed, made up high calorie items that do not resemble in anyway, any natural foods

A great resource is the Food as Medicine Institute.. Theyhave multiple healthy recipes and interesting news about health and healthy eating.

Be well.


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